A desktop app for easy, fast access to core Business Apps features.
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  1. Station
  2. =========
  3. Station is a kiosk app for accessing basic features of the Business Apps.
  4. https://netsyms.biz/apps/station
  5. Features
  6. --------
  7. **Quick Login**
  8. Station can be configured with a "quick access" list of users who can log in
  9. with a single tap. Other login methods include using a one-time code from the
  10. mobile app, or entering a traditional username and password.
  11. **QwikClock Access**
  12. Users can easily punch in and out, and their work schedule is available
  13. at-a-glance.
  14. **TaskFloor Summary**
  15. Users can review assigned tasks and recent messages while punching in.
  16. **Security Timeout**
  17. Station automatically logs off the user if they walk away, with a two-minute
  18. countdown.
  19. Running
  20. -------
  21. Station is a standard [NW.js](https://nwjs.io/) app, so download NW.js,
  22. cd to this folder, and run `/path/to/nw .`.