QwikClock is an employee time tracking app.
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  1. <?php
  2. define("STRINGS", [
  3. "sign in" => "Sign In",
  4. "username" => "Username",
  5. "password" => "Password",
  6. "continue" => "Continue",
  7. "authcode" => "Authentication code",
  8. "2fa prompt" => "Enter the six-digit code from your mobile authenticator app.",
  9. "2fa incorrect" => "Authentication code incorrect.",
  10. "login incorrect" => "Login incorrect.",
  11. "account locked" => "This account has been disabled. Contact technical support.",
  12. "password expired" => "You must change your password before continuing.",
  13. "account terminated" => "Account terminated. Access denied.",
  14. "account state error" => "Your account state is not stable. Log out, restart your browser, and try again.",
  15. "password on 500 list" => "The given password is ranked number {arg} out of the 500 most common passwords. Try a different one.",
  16. "welcome user" => "Welcome, {user}!",
  17. "change password" => "Change password",
  18. "security options" => "Security options",
  19. "account security" => "Account security",
  20. "sign out" => "Sign out",
  21. "settings" => "Settings",
  22. "options" => "Options",
  23. "404 error" => "404 Error",
  24. "page not found" => "Page not found.",
  25. "current password incorrect" => "The current password is incorrect. Try again.",
  26. "new password mismatch" => "The new passwords did not match. Try again.",
  27. "weak password" => "Password does not meet requirements.",
  28. "password updated" => "Password updated successfully.",
  29. "setup 2fa" => "Setup 2-factor authentication",
  30. "2fa removed" => "2-factor authentication disabled.",
  31. "2fa enabled" => "2-factor authentication activated.",
  32. "remove 2fa" => "Disable 2-factor authentication",
  33. "2fa explained" => "2-factor authentication adds more security to your account. You'll need an app such as Google Authenticator on your smartphone. When you have the app installed, you can enable 2-factor authentication by clicking the button below and scanning a QR code with the app. Whenever you sign in in the future, you'll need to input a six-digit code from your phone into the login page when prompted. You can disable 2-factor authentication from this page if you change your mind.",
  34. "2fa active" => "2-factor authentication is active on your account. To remove 2fa, reset your authentication secret, or change to a new security device, click the button below.",
  35. "enable 2fa" => "Enable 2-factor authentication",
  36. "scan 2fa qrcode" => "Scan the QR Code with the authenticator app, or enter the secret key manually.",
  37. "confirm 2fa" => "Finish setup",
  38. "invalid parameters" => "Invalid request parameters.",
  39. "ldap server error" => "The LDAP server returned an error: {arg}",
  40. "home" => "Home",
  41. ]);