QwikClock is an employee time tracking app.
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QwikClock is an employee time tracking app.


There are two applications with the name QwikClock. This one integrates with the Business Apps, the other one (QwikClock Enterprise) is a standalone system. Eventually, this application will have all the features of QwikClock Enterprise, and Enterprise will be discontinued.


Shift Assignment
Ensure 100% shift coverage and prevent early clock-ins by assigning shifts to employees.

Powerful Reports
Generate reports in as little as three clicks. Filter by employee and date range so you only see what you need. Import into LibreOffice, Excel, and most other software.

Server Time
QwikClock synchronizes to the server's clock so your punches are always accurate.

Employees can clock in and out from a remote job site with their phones, or check their work schedule from home.


  1. Follow the installation directions for AccountHub, then download this app somewhere.
  2. Copy settings.template.php to settings.php
  3. Import database.sql into your database server
  4. Edit settings.php and fill in your DB info
  5. Set the location of the AccountHub API in settings.php (see "PORTAL_API") and enter an API key ("PORTAL_KEY")
  6. Set the location of the AccountHub home page ("PORTAL_URL")
  7. Set the URL of this app ("URL")
  8. Run composer install (or composer.phar install) to install dependency libraries.