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### Folders
* lang
* lang
Translations and alert messages.
The language file that is loaded depends on the value of `LANGUAGE` in `settings.php`.
Translate the values (but not the keys) in `en_us.php` into other languages and save in appropriately named files to add languages.
* lib
* lib
A good place to put helper functions that you don't want "in the way".
* pages
* pages
What it looks like. If you go into `pages.php` and define a page with the name `foo`, there should be a `foo.php` in here.
The app checks before loading, so it will give a friendly 404 error if it doesn't find your page.
Woe to you if you delete `home.php` or `404.php`, as those are assumed to exist for fallback behavior.
* static
* static
CSS, JS, fonts, images...
* vendor
* vendor
If you don't know what this is about, or you don't have it, you need to read up on Composer. Right now.

### Files