QwikClock is an employee time tracking app.
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  1. QwikClock
  2. =========
  3. QwikClock is an employee time tracking app.
  4. https://netsyms.biz/apps/qwikclock
  5. There are two applications with the name QwikClock. This one integrates with
  6. the Business Apps, the other one (QwikClock Enterprise) is a standalone system.
  7. Eventually, this application will have all the features of QwikClock Enterprise,
  8. and Enterprise will be discontinued.
  9. Features
  10. --------
  11. **Shift Assignment**
  12. Ensure 100% shift coverage and prevent early clock-ins by assigning shifts to employees.
  13. **Powerful Reports**
  14. Generate reports in as little as three clicks. Filter by employee and date range so you only see what you need. Import into LibreOffice, Excel, and most other software.
  15. **Server Time**
  16. QwikClock synchronizes to the server's clock so your punches are always accurate.
  17. **Mobile-ready**
  18. Employees can clock in and out from a remote job site with their phones, or check their work schedule from home.
  19. Installing
  20. ----------
  21. 0. Follow the installation directions for [AccountHub](https://source.netsyms.com/Business/AccountHub), then download this app somewhere.
  22. 1. Copy `settings.template.php` to `settings.php`
  23. 2. Import `database.sql` into your database server
  24. 3. Edit `settings.php` and fill in your DB info
  25. 4. Set the location of the AccountHub API in `settings.php` (see "PORTAL_API") and enter an API key ("PORTAL_KEY")
  26. 5. Set the location of the AccountHub home page ("PORTAL_URL")
  27. 6. Set the URL of this app ("URL")
  28. 7. Run `composer install` (or `composer.phar install`) to install dependency libraries.