An easy point of sale system with automatic inventory tracking.
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27 lines

  1. {
  2. "sign in": "Sign In",
  3. "username": "Username",
  4. "password": "Password",
  5. "continue": "Continue",
  6. "authcode": "Authentication code",
  7. "2fa prompt": "Enter the six-digit code from your mobile authenticator app.",
  8. "2fa incorrect": "Authentication code incorrect.",
  9. "login incorrect": "Login incorrect.",
  10. "login server unavailable": "Login server unavailable. Try again later or contact technical support.",
  11. "account locked": "This account has been disabled. Contact technical support.",
  12. "password expired": "You must change your password before continuing.",
  13. "account terminated": "Account terminated. Access denied.",
  14. "account state error": "Your account state is not stable. Log out, restart your browser, and try again.",
  15. "welcome user": "Welcome, {user}!",
  16. "sign out": "Sign out",
  17. "settings": "Settings",
  18. "options": "Options",
  19. "404 error": "404 Error",
  20. "page not found": "Page not found.",
  21. "invalid parameters": "Invalid request parameters.",
  22. "login server error": "The login server returned an error: {arg}",
  23. "login server user data error": "The login server refused to provide account information. Try again or contact technical support.",
  24. "captcha error": "There was a problem with the CAPTCHA (robot test). Try again.",
  25. "no access permission": "You do not have permission to access this system."
  26. }