25 Commits (78187b5224f9b51d9bcfaee459d8a3ab186aff27)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Skylar Ittner a07820c666 Add refunds, close #14 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 0c72450c19 Fix undefined index notice 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 7d688e071d Add Z report viewer (closes #17) 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 217b7befd2 Add Z report (issue #17) 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 2dd2374b12 Add X report (closes #2) 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner b6eb0a3b8e Don't show closed registers in picker list 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 5df113c70d Add flexible receipt generator 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 37ce4a2cc4 Add cash report 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 172e611a45 Add cash drawer/register balance tracking (close #1) 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner be34857d71 Change session ID on successful login, make sessions last at least 2 hours 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner a9eb59c936 Replace reCAPTCHA with Captcheck 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner d10c6214a6 Switch to Mozilla Public License 2.0 for code consistency 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 814c0dbc0f Fix URL 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner ce8e0fb4e3 Improve isManagerOf() error handling to prevent possible security bug 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 7c44b18854 Add checkAPIKey($key) function to login.php 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 3d01bf8feb Remove debug data 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 4ad42bfe48 Add sendLoginAlertEmail() code 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner d918af5d65 Add account_has_permission function 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 2f31066a0c Add lib/userinfo.php 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner de4dcc37bc Add uid_exists($uid), better login error messages 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner dcd495f4e4 Add reCAPTCHA support, fix bug that allowed logins with only a username and 2fa code 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner c6941c7bd3 Remove unused variable reference 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner e28d3a93ac Clean up clutter and unneeded code 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 3110011596 Add Portal API integration, add icon/style settings, add navbar and icon 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 16cbf2a5f1 Create template based on SSO code 2 years ago