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### Folders
Translations and alert messages.
The language file that is loaded depends on the value of `LANGUAGE` in `settings.php`.
Translate the values (but not the keys) in `en_us.php` into other languages and save in appropriately named files to add languages.
A good place to put helper functions that you don't want "in the way".
What it looks like. If you go into `pages.php` and define a page with the name `foo`, there should be a `foo.php` in here.
The app checks before loading, so it will give a friendly 404 error if it doesn't find your page.
Woe to you if you delete `home.php` or `404.php`, as those are assumed to exist for fallback behavior.
CSS, JS, fonts, images...
If you don't know what this is about, or you don't have it, you need to read up on Composer. Right now.

### Files