Account and permission manager and security log viewer.
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  1. {
  2. "sign in": "Sign In",
  3. "username": "Username",
  4. "password": "Password",
  5. "continue": "Continue",
  6. "authcode": "Authentication code",
  7. "2fa prompt": "Enter the six-digit code from your mobile authenticator app.",
  8. "2fa incorrect": "Authentication code incorrect.",
  9. "login incorrect": "Login incorrect.",
  10. "no admin permission": "You do not have permission to access this system.",
  11. "account locked": "This account has been disabled. Contact technical support.",
  12. "password expired": "You must change your password before continuing.",
  13. "account terminated": "Account terminated. Access denied.",
  14. "account state error": "Your account state is not stable. Log out, restart your browser, and try again.",
  15. "welcome user": "Welcome, {user}!",
  16. "settings": "Settings",
  17. "options": "Options",
  18. "login server user data error": "The login server refused to provide account information. Try again or contact technical support.",
  19. "captcha error": "There was a problem with the CAPTCHA (robot test). Try again.",
  20. "home": "Home",
  21. "users": "Users",
  22. "more": "More",
  23. "actions": "Actions",
  24. "name": "Name",
  25. "email": "Email",
  26. "status": "Status",
  27. "type": "Type",
  28. "new user": "New User",
  29. "total users": "Total Users",
  30. "view users": "View Users",
  31. "normal accounts": "Normal Accounts",
  32. "locked accounts": "Locked Accounts",
  33. "editing user": "Editing {user}",
  34. "invalid userid": "Invalid user ID.",
  35. "user saved": "User saved.",
  36. "adding user": "Adding new user",
  37. "placeholder name": "John Doe",
  38. "placeholder username": "jdoe",
  39. "placeholder email address": "",
  40. "placeholder password": "swordfish",
  41. "new password": "New Password",
  42. "non-local account warning": "This account is not locally managed. Changes made here will not synchronize to the directory server and some attributes cannot be edited.",
  43. "delete user": "Delete User",
  44. "really delete user": "Are you sure you want to delete this user? This action cannot be reversed.",
  45. "user deleted": "User account deleted.",
  46. "user does not exist": "User does not exist.",
  47. "logtime": "Date\/Time",
  48. "logtype": "Event Type",
  49. "ip address": "IP Address",
  50. "other data": "Other",
  51. "security log": "Security Log",
  52. "event type reference": "Event Type Reference",
  53. "clear log": "Clear Log",
  54. "really clear log": "Are you sure you want to purge the security log? This action cannot be reversed.",
  55. "log cleared": "Security log cleared.",
  56. "removed n entries": "Removed {n} entries",
  57. "security log entries": "Security Log Entries",
  58. "view security log": "View Security Log",
  59. "managers": "Managers",
  60. "manager": "Manager",
  61. "employee": "Employee",
  62. "delete relationship": "Delete Relationship",
  63. "really delete relationship": "Are you sure you want to remove this manager-employee relationship? This action cannot be reversed.",
  64. "relationship deleted": "Relationship deleted.",
  65. "edit relationship": "Edit Relationship",
  66. "adding relationship": "Adding Relationship",
  67. "relationship added": "Relationship added.",
  68. "permissions": "Permissions",
  69. "permission": "Permission",
  70. "new permission": "New Permission",
  71. "delete permission": "Delete Permission",
  72. "adding permission": "Adding Permission",
  73. "user": "User",
  74. "permission does not exist": "Permission does not exist: {arg}",
  75. "really delete permission": "Are you sure you want to revoke this permission?",
  76. "permission added": "Permission assigned.",
  77. "permission deleted": "Permission deleted.",
  78. "remove 2fa": "Reset 2FA",
  79. "action performed by": "Action performed by {user}",
  80. "2fa removed": "2-factor authentication removed.",
  81. "2fa": "2FA",
  82. "show deleted": "Show deleted",
  83. "editing deleted account": "You are editing an account marked as deleted. The account will be undeleted if you press Save.",
  84. "manager assigned": "Manager relationships saved.",
  85. "manager does not exist": "The selected manager username does not exist.",
  86. "type to add a person": "Type to add a person",
  87. "employees": "Employees",
  88. "type to select a manager": "Type to select a manager",
  89. "select a manager to view or edit employees": "Select a manager to view or edit the assigned employees.",
  90. "report export": "Reports\/Export",
  91. "report type": "Report type",
  92. "format": "Format",
  93. "generate report": "Generate report",
  94. "choose an option": "Choose an option",
  95. "csv file": "CSV text file",
  96. "ods file": "ODS spreadsheet",
  97. "html file": "HTML web page",
  98. "uid": "User ID",
  99. "manager name": "Manager",
  100. "manager username": "Mgr. Username",
  101. "employee name": "Employee",
  102. "employee username": "Emp. Username",
  103. "permission id": "Perm. ID",
  104. "permissions assigned": "Permissions assigned.",
  105. "type to select a user": "Type to select a user",
  106. "type to add a permission": "Type to add a permission",
  107. "Choose a permission": "Choose a permission",
  108. "select a user to view or edit permissions": "Select a user to view or edit the assigned permissions.",
  109. "group": "Group",
  110. "groups": "Groups",
  111. "group does not exist": "That group does not exist.",
  112. "group members updated": "Group members updated.",
  113. "group added": "Group added.",
  114. "group deleted": "Group deleted.",
  115. "group already exists": "A group with that name already exists.",
  116. "save": "Save",
  117. "next": "Next",
  118. "add": "Add",
  119. "delete": "Delete",
  120. "new group": "New group",
  121. "delete group": "Delete group",
  122. "enter group name": "Group name",
  123. "group management": "Group Management",
  124. "group assignments": "Group Assignments",
  125. "group id": "Group ID",
  126. "group name": "Group Name"
  127. }