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  Skylar Ittner 26a662c399 Add `addTextInput` and `addSelect` methods that are simpler than `addInput` 7 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 3ca062d995 Enforce app passwords in API for users with two-factor enabled 8 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 7173a50c36 Add textarea to FormBuilder 9 months ago
  Skylar Ittner e66280e07a FormBuilder: add d-flex to footer 9 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 28b8563ea0 Finish merge/upgrade 9 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 892102528b Strip tags from aria-label 9 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 69c634ea99 Add checkbox to form builder 9 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 106e697fc3 Remove captcha-related code, since login is done by AccountHub now 9 months ago
  Skylar Ittner c179ed7ebb Make settings.php an array, not a bunch of defines 9 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 61d660be69 Add FormBuilder 9 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 5b7ab65946 Make better API system, use new AccountHub API 10 months ago
  Skylar Ittner ec44a6740f Fix "language key ... is defined more than once" warning 10 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 1271317eb9 Rewrite to use classes, aligning with AccountHub 2.0 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner be34857d71 Change session ID on successful login, make sessions last at least 2 hours 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner a9eb59c936 Replace reCAPTCHA with Captcheck 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner d10c6214a6 Switch to Mozilla Public License 2.0 for code consistency 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 814c0dbc0f Fix URL 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner fc42984e4a Upgrade to Bootstrap 4.0, FontAwesome 5.0, jQuery 3.3.1 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner bad43ff93f Improve isManagerOf() error handling to prevent possible security bug 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner ce8e0fb4e3 Improve isManagerOf() error handling to prevent possible security bug 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 9ca4fef96c Add groups report 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 7c44b18854 Add checkAPIKey($key) function to login.php 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 4da6301f1c Fully implement MPL-2.0 license 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 30874ca14a Refactor and enforce Content-Security-Policy 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 77700a50a2 Fix HTML exporter breaking with null values 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 012ae2d767 Fix expired download codes not clearing sometimes 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 879bd8d408 Add support for downloading reports from mobile app, add HTML export format 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner c5724b658e Close #3 (add export/reports feature) 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner b259f0fab4 Nothing 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 3d01bf8feb Remove debug data 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner f12bafd51a Tweak mobile APIs 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 207be7114a Flag users as disabled/deleted if they can't actually be deleted 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner e607c120c4 Add sendLoginAlertEmail() function 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 4ad42bfe48 Add sendLoginAlertEmail() code 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner cd5f4bccf9 Add 2-factor auth reset button to user editor 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 70538aa509 Fix #1 (Add mobile session creation API), add better IP detection 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 937f44eb11 Add permission editor 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner b0f5721819 Add manager management system 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner b2402c381f Fix typo 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner cade08459d Add server-side loading to users table 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 8e24cd7208 Add user adding/removing/editing and security log viewing/clearing. 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 4b6fcd8f7c User list and user editor/adder now working. 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner d918af5d65 Add account_has_permission function 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 9f13a67c7e Copy from BusinessAppTemplate @ 542bb80d85 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 2f31066a0c Add lib/userinfo.php 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner de4dcc37bc Add uid_exists($uid), better login error messages 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner dcd495f4e4 Add reCAPTCHA support, fix bug that allowed logins with only a username and 2fa code 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner c6941c7bd3 Remove unused variable reference 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner e28d3a93ac Clean up clutter and unneeded code 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 3110011596 Add Portal API integration, add icon/style settings, add navbar and icon 2 years ago