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Nextcloud Notes

An android client for Nextcloud Notes App.

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:arrow_forward: Access

Download from Google Play Nextcloud Notes App on Donate with PayPal Donate using Liberapay

:eyes: Screenshots

Screenshot of list view Screenshot of edit view

:rocket: Features

  • List, create, edit, share, search and delete notes
  • Share text and links as new note into the app
  • Mark notes as favorite
  • Bulk delete
  • Render MarkDown (using RxMarkdown)
  • Translated in many languages on Transifex

:checkered_flag: Planned features

  • In-note search (#106)
  • Toggle checkboxes in view mode (#451)
  • Context based formatting (#363)
  • Trashbin (#238)

:family: Join the team

:link: Requirements

:notebook: License

This project is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Alternatives

If you dislike this app and you are looking for alternatives: Have a look at MyOwnNotes.